Pronunciation Patterns Network Edition

Pronunciation Patterns Network Edition 1.0

Learn the 26 English letters and 44 English sounds correctly
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Select a sound from 44 standard English sounds. (You can select the sound you have trouble with or just learn one sound at a time.) Learn the proper way to pronounce the sounds using the online mouth video clips and animations. (Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.) Learn the phonics rules, patterns, and phonetic transcripts to help you learn the correct pronunciation & spelling of English words. (About 50% of English words follow the major rules, about 30% of English words follow the minor rules, about 20% of English words are sight words which do not follow any rules and patterns.) Enable speech recognition solution to check your pronunciation and use our feedback solution to identify your problem sounds.
Practice the pronunciation of short words by using auto-play feature. Play the same word and sound repeatedly help you subconscious mind accept the correct pronunciation. (Repetition is to learning, persistence is to success. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.)

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